lunazen dit :En effet, beaucoup d’espoirs avaient été placés dans ce sommet, et il s’est avéré décevant. Il l’est encore plus quand on prend en compte les émissions de CO2 dues aux déplacements des chefs d’état!. Je fais des efforts de mon côté mais les participants dans la course au profit doivent en faire aussi et ce n’est pas gagné!

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amI think scrubbing stories after they appear is really obvious. Everyone is on to that game, and has lots and lots of copies. It really points to GUILT-worse they come up with some really lame excuse for changing the article. The new game hide/change/scrub the lie? Everyone is so on to that game they actually wait and look for the scrubbing.

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"if land is scarce enough to fight over, food is scarce, and if food is scarce, then being big and strong is a disadvantage, unless you can do it on less calories. Maybe they just happen to be on the parameter balance where being big and strong is an advantage though."Look up "thrifty phenotype" on pubmed.


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Gordo: When it comes to IQ, Dimanond's book is a scientific fraud. He specifically states that he wrote it to dispel "Eurocentrism," that is, anything people of European origins might have of pride in their historical accomplishments. The Western Multicultural oligarchs loved his book because he provided them with a seeming scientific basis for their ongoing dispossession of whites.MinneapolisTom: I barely watch TV these days. It's all junk, anyway. No, PeeCee is still alive and well, but I can see a few visible cracks in the walls of censorship here and there, yes. That program sounds OK.

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A very moving tribute, and I don’t mean the just the post. Your honesty, integrity and your dedication to your beliefs is a very fitting tribute to your mother. Your life and that of your children is the wonderful legacy she left to the world. Her loss, though painful, was not in vain. Take care

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Jusqu’à RG, ça ne suffit pas pour Roger, c’est jusqu’après RG qu’il faut.Ceci dit, il faut tout de même que Nadal gagne le tournoi pour repasser n°2 car il ne gagnera rien au mieux sur MC-Barcelone-Rome… mais Djokovic est lui capable de faire beaucoup moins bien, certainement…En attendant,tention, Murray à un jeu de perdre la bagatelle de… 990 pts!1098

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salve, vorrei sapere se questa proposta di assunzione andrebbe bene:Contratto di assunzione a tempo INDETERMINATO : Periodo di prova: 6 mesiQualifica : ImpiegatoContratto: Metalmeccanico IndustriaLivello: 5.o livelloRetribuzione Lorda Annua: 31.722Retribuzione Netta Annua : 16.869Mensilità: 13vorrei sapere lo stipendio netto mensile per 13 mensilità e poi se con questo contratto ho diritto a buoni pastograzie mille


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Hello;It could be one of a number of things.Do you have an expansion tank on the system? It could be waterlogged and has to be emptied.Is there an extrol tank in the system instead? The bladder could have a hole in it and the tank has to be replaced.Do you have a hot water coil in the boiler.There could be a pinhole in the coil and your street pressure could be going into the system. Check by turning off the valve going to the coil adn draw the pressure off the boiler.

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Hej!Jag har samma problem som du, jag fryser ALLTID om händer och fötter. Men nu har jag hittat ett par vantar som jag inte har frysit än så länge.Det är ett par 3 finger vantar från hööks.Men dem går väldigt lätte sönder i ytterfodret men jag har tejpat dem så nu fungerar dem utmärkt.^^/Jenny

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« Miközben világszerte a helyi, az adott évszaknak megfelelÅ‘ termékeken alapuló konyhaművészet vált divatossá, nekünk többnyire arról sincs fogalmunk, hogy az alma vagy a hagyma, amit a piacon veszünk, hazai-e vagy külföldi, hogy ki és mikor termelte. »Tudtommal Európa-szerte mindenki azon sír, hogy az EU az agyonszabályozásaival hogyan veri szét a helyi piacot.

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It’s understood that erectile dysfunction may be embarrassing. Prior to there was details regarding erectile dysfunction, couples might be severely confused. Erectile dysfunction is not something that should be taken personally by yourself, or the woman within your life. Naturally, you will find personal issues, which could must be dealt with when it comes to erectile dysfunction, but they are troubles, which could be effortlessly addressed.


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September 25, 2011Thank you for that nice comment! I agree The switch is not about the tools on their own but how we use them to connect! I have a great gang onboard now and I’m looking forward to continuing the project!

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Ah….for en historie..du har hatt fantasien og de gode opplevelsene skjønner jeg. Slikt er godt og minnes. MÃ¥ ingen ødelege disse stedene. Det blir sÃ¥rt ja… Jeg har samme minner her fra hytta.. Men har gitt opp Ã¥ bli med pÃ¥ bloggens utfordringer om dagen. Det ble sÃ¥ mange av de.Men underlig hva vi turde gjøre? Hvor ble den av? Redd for det meste pÃ¥ "gammeldagan"..Takk for et flott innlegg, godt Ã¥ lese!Ha en fortsatt flott mandagskveld og klem fra meg:)

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To help quash all of the people who disagree with everything it does with it's search algorithms, I have found a simple and easy solution. Use your own Moderate program to allow users to vote changes up and down so that it totally reflects what the majority of users prefer.

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Vota el comentario: 0  0Escribíamos al mismo tiempo el último comentario. Y sí, creo que el deber del estado (por medio de la escuela) es, si no contrarrestar, si equilibrar e informar. Formar en todos los frentes y allá cada uno con su elección toda vez que se le hayan facilitado las claves.Por eso es tan necesaria la EpC.


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us?ugi detektywistyczneFebruary 3, 2012Undeniably consider that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the internet the simplest factor to bear in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked whilst people think about issues that they just don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , folks could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

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Ich hatte schon überlegt, ob ich nicht dieses Jahr mal teilnehme an der Konferenz, aber die Organisatoren machen es einem nicht gerade einfach … die Buchungs- und Bezahlmethoden von SIS sind noch nicht mal im letzten Jahrzehnt des vorigen Jahrhunderts angekommen: keine Emailadresse, keine Kreditkarten, kein PayPal … 🙁

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Hi Mike, I just ran accross the “Bible Stories” book you gave me long ago.I’d like to stay in touch with you so I’d like to have your email address again.You’re a good speaker and I might want you to do some webinars for us.I like to see you again sometime. What is it that you currently do now?Here are my numbers:Stan Levin407-788-3666 (Direct)407-442-2487 (Office)


How bout this…I will hope he is not what I fear he is. Is that good enough?And Andrew….sticking my head in the sand and "pretending" anything won’t help this country.

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Ist ja wunderbar, so waren alle zufrieden und kamen auf ihre Kosten! Schöne Fotos von den letzten Tagen, hab alles durchgeblättert 😉 Schade wegen der verlierenden Internet-Verbindung… so wirst du wohl noch öfters in die Bibliothek gehen! Liebs Grüessli…

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Oh my-sexual play is so fun! And you are a minx you are–wow! Thank you m’dear. The Beau is good and aroused once again by your writing and imaginative games. BTW the kink is already in this guy–has been for ages now loveBeau

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I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one today..


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呢套我都有睇過丫,應該系當年nbc做架,family ties 同埋cheers 在星期四晚播,都系陪我成長架。第一集Alex的女朋友後來做埋Michael J. Fox個老婆添。後來因為柏金遜,佢擔正主角的Spin city拍左一兩季後,都換左charlie sheen。前兩年MJF仲番去spin city客串番一集。我感覺是大家對MFJ都好respect。

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But wanna remark on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the subject material is very fantastic. “In business school classrooms they construct wonderful models of a nonworld.” by Peter Drucker.

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Y tendrá suerte si ves su cara en el telediario temblando de frío, porque no se habrá ido al fondo del Estrecho. Algún día nuestros hijos nos preguntarán, y toda la vergüenza del mundo nos caerá encima merecidamente. Y ya no podremos volver la cara para no ver lo que no queremos ver.Qué bien lo cuentas, cabronazo.

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distance. If you have good food, a good home, etc, you tend to lean left, whereas if you are living off the land, you tend to lean right (not you in particular, but you as in the typical person). It probably has to do with human tribal behavior back when we trying to avoid being eaten out on the savannah.

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Culture Club was my favorite growing up! Loved Boy George!Holy Teledo, that was alien, something from outer space!! He was a victim of extraterrestrial invasions! ET planted it there to monitor his movements and behavior! Phone home, and hurry!Great post GG!

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If you look at clearly the state of northeastern is a christian majority. It is high time thehindus get their acts togather to preserve their identity and culture. Today it is the day to look at results and not at the means. As there is no much choice but to defend at any cost

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I was just looking for this information for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative web sites in top of the list. Usually the top sites are full of garbage.


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Thanks for another informative blog. Where else may I get that type of information written in such an ideal means? I have a mission that I am just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

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я скоро сдам.Уже некоторым понятно, кто скрывается под этим псевдонимом (именем моей любимой актрисы по роли в сериале «ÃÂ—адержки в развитии»)постараюсь обрадовать ваши уши 🙂

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I am sooooo loving this weather. It is amazing. It was wetter than usual, but I got some great projects completed. LOVE your wicker basket. When I first started reading this post I was thinking t was going to be a smaller wicker creel. LOL What a great storage piece too. I have gotta get on Amazon and order that book. I don't have his last two editions. Have a great week. xxoo

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appunto! E che i vari Dawkins e Onfray e Odifreddi nostrani stiano calmini! Giudicare baluba e impediti dall’oscurantismo della Chiesa i Dante e i Shakespeare appunto, non è possibile, è senseless e odious! Ognuno si scelga i suoi professori, libero ognuno di scegliere liberamente, e noi, scegliendo con i nostri ‘professori’, non meritiamo certo di essere sberleffati da i signorini di cui sopra…

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Re: « It time to face the bear, gut it and stuff it. … The Russian are a blood thirsty people »I agree. Russians like Stalin have long dominated the innocent angelic Georgians.It’s time for the USA and it’s freedom-loving democratic allies in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan to destroy the real threat to freedom in the world!- Toidi Lufesu

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Hi Lesley, So sorry to see that you lost your Puddy. That makes me very sad. I still think of Trampas everyday. He was one in a million. I have a rescue GSP/ESS cross, Floyd, who is a lovely lad and keeps me busy. He reminds me of Trampas in his love of life and fun. I do hope that you are keeping well and can think of Puddy and smile. Much love. Jo and Floydy Boy. xx.


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I came via EarthMother and I was so captivated by your food and photos that I read your whole blog in one night :)These avocado truffles look incredible — like little veggie-filled treasures. You make whole food look beautiful!

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Starting with when I came back to church in 2002, and every few years since then, I’ve come to new realizations of the extent of my own pathetic screwed-up-ness. And with each epiphany, I’ve realized that I’m even more screwed-up than I thought. No wonder I’m single! It’s a darn good thing that I never married. I always wondered why I attracted toxic or broken people. Now I know.And with each new realization, I’m less inclined to point out the foibles and sins of others.

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Oh Bren Stewie and Dumpling look adorable and I am sure they are going to bring back the joy into your home.   We have a cat, have had two cats over the years but there is something special about this one and I can empathise with you and your feelings at the loss of Bo, if anything happened to our cat I cannot begin to imagine how we would feel.   How lucky are these two adorable pups to have such loving carers  xx

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