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Dear Rajesh,It’s not an « either/or » question. While substance is important, procedure is equally important. I guess a confession extracted from you by cops after third degree torture methods will enlighten you on the importance of procedural safeguards. Novartis deserves a fair trial–and this does not entail a compromise of any « substantial principles » of patent law.

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Szia Kislány! Nagyon tetszett. Nagyon jól leírtad Clau "magányát" ami azért nem ment át túlontúl bús hangulatba, mivel Robert beszólásával nagyon jól feloldottad. Nagyon bírom, hogy mindig bevetsz ilyen kis apró de nagyot ütő beszólásokat! Puszillak! Heni

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I¡¦m no longer certain where you are getting your information, but great topic. I must spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thank you for fantastic information I was in search of this info for my mission.

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I think that Facebook works great in a positive and negative ways to some people. Some of my friends on Facebook spend a lot of their time on Facebook. Facebook is a great way to get in touch with your family and friend from a far and also built up distance relationship. But the downfall is that people don’t spend time on face to face conversation. Sometimes, I think that people who have a lot of friends on Facebook can also feel lonely because of the lack thereof daily face to face conversation.

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JUAN, como siempre estoy de acuerdo contigo, a mi tampoco me dan ganas de seguirviendo la novela, pero para lo que queda me mata la curiosidad de ver hasta que punto hacía abajo van a llevar a MARCORIA, perdón mejor dicho “EXMARCORIA”.

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I have the Surface OneLife skis. They are for sure the funnest skis I have ever been on. The rock makes landings in the powder super smooth and I roll through the crud like a tank! They are also poppy and fun to use in the park!

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How To Fix A Flat Tire Anywhere…he mentions “in the field” multiple? times yet the demo is in a freaking garage under ideal conditions!! So, the moral of the story seems to be, get a flat “in the field” then, drive home to your garage, the tire off then, start this video!!LOL

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A Keltának írt előző válaszomhoz még fűzök egy kis kiegészítést.A kotlást a 2. tojás lerakása kezdik meg, s felváltva kotlana, éjjel főként a tojó.Tavaly a nagyhalászi kamerás fészekben 34 nap kotlás után kelt ki az első két fióka, majd +1 és +3 nap múlva a 3. és 4. fióka.

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Il y a une prise de conscience à la limite du marketing dans certaines séries : ex : Dans Weeds, madame délaisse son Range-Rover pour une Prius.Sinon, on constate que la crise économique de 2008 a plus d’incidences sur l’environnement cloisonné des séries.

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Flies are mostly spongers, with the exception of the mosquitoes (which do suck), the horse flies and deer flies (they slice), and a few others. If it helps, think of the sucking flies like the mosquitoes as suckers that lost a pair of wings. (Hmm… Now I have an image of a helpless fly playing poker against a card shark and losing the wings off his back in a hand gone horribly, horribly wrong!) That way you’ll have suckers with hemielytra and suckers that lost a pair of wings to distinguish between the bugs and the flies.

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Esses lusos e luso-descendentes que se candidatam pelo Front Nacional fazem como os cães menos afortunados: lambem a mão que lhes bate em vez de a morderem.No entanto, não faz isso mesmo a grande maioria de portugueses que ano após ano vota no PS, no PPD-PSD, no CDS-PP ou mesmo no BE? Não servem o capital quando é o capital que os esmaga todos os dias?

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There’s much fantastic data within this specified webpage. I’d a great time browsing many of the random posts and also seeing what other people are engaging in. Make sure you continue posting, I’m excited with the subsequent piece of writing.

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Bekomme die Fehlermeldung “Data Structure ERROR: No source value in fieldname “tx_templavoila_ds” » in meinem tt_news Ordner.Wenn ich meinen tt_news Ordner bearbeite und auf den Reiter Erweitert gehe steht die Fehlermeldung unter dem Wort “Inhalt”.In anderen Sysordnern ist Sie auch.Wie bekomm ich die da weg?

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Please don’t be sad like this It makes me sad too…I know a lot is going on in your life right now, but I wish you were happy. Really really happy. The way you were meant to be. You were always the cheerful girl in my eyes. Nothing lasts forever, and I’m sure this will all pass soon and that everything will be back to normal again! If you ever need someone to talk to or simply listen, I am here. <3[]

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i think David (a VERY human person in scripture, who was also called a “man after God’s own heart”) is a helpful guide in the Psalms.  How many times does he rant re what appears to be God’s injustice, absence, etc.  the way he “handles” it is to then remind himself of the truth of who God is…and worship Him.  Often, it is stated metaphorically as in “The Lord is my Shepherd…”, “God is my refuge and strength…”, “He is my shield…”, etc.reminding ourselves of the truth of who God is as revealed in Scripture, helps us have an anchor for the emotional times when we are caught in the waves and feel like we might drown.Â


Dobrý den,po přečtení článku o Vašem otci jsem se rozhodla napsat mu o radu. Při mém druhém těhotenství mi byla diagnostikována RS manifestovaná myelitidou. Zatím kojím, ale mám nastoupit léčbu Copaxonem. Mákm problém pouze s únavou a menší citlivostí rukou. Lze tuto nemoc léčit i jiným způsobem?Děkuji předem za odpověď

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la condesa sangrienta; valla como hay gente sadica no enferma por q yo soy asi jamas me atraveria a matar a nadie pero apesar de eso me encanta ver o leer sobre estos temas algo fuertes mkas de la historia la condesa sangrienta es uno de los mejores libros que e tenido el placer de leer a mis 15 años creo que lo que ellos hacian no era enfermedad era valor para hacer lo que muchos no se atraven por miedo a ellas y ellos eso fue lo que los impulso imponer miedo MIS RESPETOS

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Since when does Bob Costas opinion amount to anything worthwhile. Just a liberal piece of crap posing as a sports commentator. I always change the channel during pregame and halftime of NBC’s Sunday Night Football because of their liberal bent. As you may recall Keith Olbermann was also a commentator on that show. NBC is using sports to push their liberal agenda. Screw them. What happened in KC happens 20 times a day in Chicago with no mention. Don’t see anyone pushing a program to collect the illegal weapons from all the Travons in this country.

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Mysql, MsSql atau Oracle tetap bisa kita gunakan, tergantung dari permintaan klien kita atau kebutuhan, jika kita bisa implemetasikan di ketiga db tsb akan « terlihat » aplikasi kita lebih power full.Jika anda senang ‘ngoprek’ db, mysql tempatnya. salam

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Avresti anche ragione, Simone. Purtroppo pero’ non bisogna mai mollare! I casi sono 2:- il gruppo di autori di “book in progress” non ha chiaro il meccanismo del “diritto d’autore” e delle licenze;- hanno chiara la cosa, ma ci sono altri motivi che li spingono a muoversi “negando” il diritto d’autore e non permettendo la libera e ampia diffusione del proprio materiale.

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– Thank you Lindsey. Sometimes my strips are small. Usually that’s because I’ve cut a little too crooked. Normally they don’t go smaller than 1/16″ – 2/16″. If they’re been cut off more than that then it’s because I had to crop it that way.

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Mihai, din CNA au participat efectiv 5 membri la sapaturi iar alti trei au venit deseori. Din Grup a participat o persoana. Cu tot respectul, din zona opozitiei nu a participat absolut niciunul. Cat despre scrisoarea lui Beatrice, cu parere de rau este o manipulare grosolana. Daca tu poti dovedi ca e autentica (si sa si publici un faximil al ei) ai tot respectul meu.

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eljay, I cannot accept your Godless universe. Of course God chose us. Problem is, we failed to make the grade, and got pretty much layed off from the position. Sure, with hopes of returning to His good graces, but a huge burden and a long way to go before we get there, if He even cares.I thought that was the central fact of the Jewish religion as it exists in the Diaspora. And it sure seems to hook up with the way things went.Ah, but maybe a sucessful crusade entitles you to all kinds indulgences?

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Gracias querida … Gracias querida Mercy por tu comentario tan animoso. Este árticulo es para ayudar a las personas a decidir a quien van a seguir a Jehová el Dios verdadero o a Satanas el dios de este sistema. ¿Queremos vida o muerte? La respuesta es muy facil, verdad? ¡Entonces nos vamos a poner departe de Jehová nuestro Dios Todopoderso! Was this answer helpful?

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už nastudované veškeré možnosti studia v zahraničí, které Česká republika nabízí (viz zde), předpokládala jsem, že bych se hlásila na mezinárodní školy, které jsou v Praze, jenže

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Buy Klonopin…I�m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that�s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intellig…

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 ( 2012.02.6 10:38 ) : This is the straight 付费式应用软件在中国不会有市场 | 一生有你-张豪博客,关注互联网,一生有你相伴的IT博客 journal for anyone who wants to attempt out out virtually this issue. You note so much its virtually wearing to fence with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a message thats been graphic nearly for eld. Prissy substance, simply uppercase!

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Dr, setuju sgt ngan pandangan dr n utk pengetahuan dr, saya pun anak didik dr mrsm jasin. saya pun mendoakan yg terbaik utk semua anak muda kita skrg. terima kasih atas perkongsian sek tahfiz ini, boleh di pertimbangkan later utk anak saya yg skrg baru berada di darjah satu di Al Amin Nilai

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“The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup, Threatening the Very Existence of the Middle Class”Uhm….47 million ‘taxpayers’ last year filed a return and paid no taxes or received net funds, mostly as a result of programs like the EITC.You’re right, the 1% economic elite have discovered alchemy, exploiting the productive efforts of 47 million people who contribute so little to society that they can’t even be taxed.If the rungs are being pulled out from beneath you, look down the economic ladder, not up.

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It is almost criminal that outstanding writing like this by Daniel is restricted to the margins of the blogosphere while an army of 'expert analysts' and 'opinion formers' continue to spout their ignorant (and very poorly written) rubbish in the main stream media. It is about time that your writing was exposed to a much bigger audience.Interesting to see the pathetic comment from Rachel Barenblat. It is a shame that she was unable or unwilling to address any of the points raised in the article.

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I love your post, Carole. It is the ideal time to clean up, get the mind cleared and start renewed and refreshed in the new year. This year, I was traveling to Paris so had no time to do all that at my home, but need to do it definitely before spring:-) Have a very happy new year! Igor xoxo

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“Ä¢irts BumbÄ“rs2008-05-21 13:33Gatis K un Juris K, vai jums abiem dÅ«Å¡as pietrÅ«kst savu Ä«sto vārdu un uzvārdu, vai varbÅ«t tas esi tu Jāni MÅ«rniek? ”Å eit nu tu, čalÄ«t, kārtÄ“jo reizi kļūdies!!! Man nav pilnÄ«gi nekādas nojausmas kas ir Juris K., bet es nu točna neesmu J. MÅ«rnieks…BET, jā – es tevi pazÄ«stu!!!

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Hold da op, det bliver en lækker køkkenhave. Alt jeg har er et højbed pÃ¥ 1×2 meter, og sÃ¥ mit drivhus. Og det er rigelig for mig. Min mand har truet med at rive drivhuset ned hvis jeg ikke passer det bedre. Jeg har denne sommer til at vise ham at jeg godt kan!!! En anden ting. Hvis du vil bytte en af de dersens smÃ¥ ugle poser (som er pÃ¥ min give away pt)med en hæklet høne (dem du engang havde pÃ¥ en give away)er jeg frisk pÃ¥ en bytter…


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In writing disapprovingly about fellow jews (even when he will not identify them as such) he feels compelled to soften the blow by writing something even more disapproving about « anti-semites »-TanstaaflGottfried does the same thing – criticize jews but follow up with a harsher critique of white gentiles. Funny, isn’t it, that Sailer, whom you recently criticized (rightly so), is good friends with Gottfried.

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Before the trade for Joyce, I thought Wigginton might be a target. I doubt that now as he remains a role player, albeit a productive one, not an impact hitter which is what the Rays are supposed to be after. And he is probably rather expensive even if the estimates of $7 million is high, while he in essence duplicates Aybar on the team.

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Es verdad, hasta yo pensé que ya no volvería a subir videos, pues ya ves… Dios me dió la oportunidad de volver a empezar a subirlos… Seguro muchos de los que empezaron viendo mis videos ya saben hasta más que yo, incluyéndote a ti… de todos modos ahora vengo con mucho ánimo y entusiasmo para continuar con este proyecto, y pues si deseas te invito a ver mi blog, ahí voy a estar subiendo cosas nuevas e interesantes (interesantes para unos, quizás para otros no)… Saludos

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“I Am an Insane Rogue AI” didn’t do much for me, honestly; it was fun for about ten minutes and then I found I’d seen pretty much everything it had to offer. (Which is about what I expect from games on Kongregate in general, come to think about it.)It also has a very annoying bug: the mainframe isn’t placed on the map until the last PC is hacked, and the code responsible for placing it does not check to see whether there’s already something else, such as a door, in that wall tile — if there is, the mainframe will appear behind it, where it can’t be clicked, and there’s nothing you can do but restart the level.

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Wow, Sheila, thanks for your comment! It’s so cool to see that ThermaRest is out there and listening to their customers. I will happily give the dryer fluffing a try. We are supposed to car camp again this weekend, so I’ll give the pillows another couple of nights and then get feedback to you, and anybody else who’s curious.Thanks!


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Hello, raincoaster!I have done the test and was very dissapointed by the low level of the analisys: the concept is so anglo-saxson (as all these stupid IQ concepts, it takes into consideration only Western value system), very one-sided. I woudl not take the results seriously 😉

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The best thing about owning your own business is that you are the boss. You decide what time your day begins & ends. You get to keep all of the profits. If you set your business up as a sole proprietorship you only get taxed once, not twice like a corporation.Down side; a substantial amount of time, effort, and money will need to be invested in making your business a success. Dependent on your education, who do you go to for advice? You’re the boss, remember!70% of small businesses fail in the 1st 5 years of their start-up.

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About the AuthorKristina Daniele is the Owner of and Lead Designer at BeautifullyArtful. Kristina Daniele is not usually in the forefront of the projects on which she works. She is kind of like Oz (without the really cool songs, costumes, enhanced voices, or dances and of course- she is real). She began blogging in 2003, but her experience in web design, online writing, and social networking began a lot earlier with a little creative writing personal website hosted on the now defunct Geocities…She’s come a long way since then!

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Coucou Capucine,J’ai juste une petite question: ces tampons sont a utilisés quand on a des désagréments ou comme ça en prévention? Ah oui et aussi ça n’influe pas sur les hormones de la pilule?Merci pour ce post en tous cas.Biz

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hola… primero que nada un gran BUUUU a los que se les ocurrio sacar este muy buen programa del aire… despues de esto no me quedara mas que ver las teleseries. una lastima.. pero como el ave fenix estamos seguros de que volvera… suerte por las tierras americanas….saludos

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Zimmerman played basketball with white, black, and Hispanic men, and that “he never exhibited any biases or prejudices against anyone and did not use racial epithets of any kind.” »“FBI agent wrote in a report that Serino said, “Zimmerman’s actions were not based on Martin’s skin color, rather based on his attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community.””Shall I continue?

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Hi…..I’ve recently started a web site, the info you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work. “It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” by Sir Winston Churchi…VA:F [1.9.8_1114]please wait…VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 0 votes)

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Thats a good price for excalibur…I know what you mean about stringing.. recurve is much simpiler and less expensive… but if you use lots of wax strings should last a long time…Horton has a nice recurve 225lb with militery adj stock 350 fps for around $600…But for power the pedator for $500 is hard to beat..good luck

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Mainline protestantism will be half of its current percentage of the US population by 2030¨ Anonymous CowardWell, if that´s true you can count on the grandstanding Protestant bigots at Megaasylums will have blown their places of herowhorship down (and most likely the decendents of grandstanding theieves from CANA and the ACNA will have forgotten their blood drenched origins in Africa and become outright atheists…finally).

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Just want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness in your post is just cool and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.


15cI’ve observed that in the world these days, video games will be the latest fad with children of all ages. There are times when it may be extremely hard to drag young kids away from the activities. If you want the very best of both worlds, there are many educational games for kids. Interesting post.

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The year I stayed with a family in Spain, Montse,the matriarch, frequently put hard boiled eggs (usually diced) into all kinds of soups and stews. I suspect the yolk helped thicken things up and the whites added some interesting texture. I was always a little freaked out by it, but it was good.

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Good luck in your wanderings, anon. I regret any logical faults on my part. Even when passionate I try to be reasonable and the nature of THIS online community is a testament that I wear proudly. But I know I lapse.Even though I am mostly right, most of the time! 😉 Thrive on.

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专业生产304不锈钢管,另有材质:SUS 201, 202,301, 304, 304L, 316 ,316L等1.圆管:φ1~ 406.4mm 厚度:0.15~9.5mm2.方管:10*10~150*150 mm 厚度:0.3~6.0 mm3.矩管:10*20~100*200 mm 厚度:0.3~6.0 mm4.花管:15.9 ~ 76.2 mm 厚度:1.0~1.5 mm5.角钢:15*15~75*75 mm 厚度:1.2~6.0 mm还有各种非标管供应!兼营:不锈钢平板、卷板,型材,材质:SUS 201, 202,301, 304, 304L, 316 ,316L等,表面有:酸洗(工业面),抛光,拉丝,拉砂,镜面抛光等联系:刘先生  手机:13535853974

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På et billede som dette synes jeg, at din nuværende frisure klæder dig rigtig godt. Dog tror jeg, at jeg ville se anderledes på det, hvis jeg stod overfor dig. Selv er min egen erfaring den, at for stort/langt hår ofte godt kan ’presse’ en lav pige sammen. Så man syner lavere, altså – nogenlunde ligesom vandrette striber. Ellers ros til din blog. (-:

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dit :Hahaha, énorme, moi aussi dans mes années coloc’ de folaïe je regardais NS tous les mardis soir (c’était le mardi à l’époque) avec mes copains PD !! Et les commentaires étaient aussi salés que le bol de cacahuètes qui accompagnait les bouteilles de blanc.Maintenant je regarde avec mon mec, mais c’est vachement moins pratique pour s’extasier sur les Ramon et co (ben oui, moi c’est ma came)…

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Just a thought….We went to public school. I mainstreamed Joseph until 3 rd grade for socializing. It was always a challenge for some reason for the teachers and aids to deal with Joseph’s personal needs. They tried so hard to equate him with the CP group which tend to be hypertonic versus hypotonic. When we started into the self contained classrooms, it was not such an issue. Socializing is SO very important, but it’s such a rocky path at times!!!

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primero que todo quiero resaltar el trabajo y esfuerzo que tuvo la docente para llevar a cabo este trabajo…. es una metodologia muy practica e interesante…. este tabrajo nos abre el conocimiento y crea en nosotros sentido de pertenencia…. es muy interesante y productivo……. kmila Zuñiga 10I

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Toen wij met verlof naar Nederland gingen in 1948, kregen we in Ataka onze kleding. Was er ook niet sprake van muziek waar we mee werden opgevangen?Ik herinner me nog de akelige kriebelkousen en de dikke jas die ik aan moest doen.We kregen als meisjes ook een soort trainingspak…

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Just back from the wilds of Wales and couldn’t wait to learn about etching technique. Brilliant Cindy, so brilliant I had to watch it twice. Yes, I also love the cala lilys with crushed glass stamens so hope we get to learn how to make them soon.Now who do I know that has a laser printer or toner photocopier, might have to put it on my birthday wish list……………………………cheers xx

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of thousands of dollars, to defend. if…you’re not able to pay for this, then you will have a public defender.some judges will appoint a criminal attorney to work “pro bono.” this means that they work for free. there are several lawyer associations that offer their services on…

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Küchenschabe, wir haben selber schon in so einem Buch geschmökert, sind aber auf nix eindeutiges gekommen.Eline, ich gebe das Kompliment gerne an P. weiter, denn er ist hier wieder mal der, der die kleinen, feinen Details und die Lichtstimmung so gut eingefangen hat.Micha, schön, wenn man so eine stimmung auch mit nachhause nehmen kann, gell 🙂

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Profesor kiedyś powiedział Katarynie, że to nieładnie wypominać Szymborskiej stalinowskie wyskoki, kiedy sama pisze pod pseudonimem. Gdy pod ostatnią notką powiedziałem, że to nieładnie postulować podnoszenie podatków, kiedy istnieje spore prawdopodobieństwo, że się je płaci zagranicą zostałem zignorowany.Ufam, że to przez brak czasu i roztargnienie.Pozdrawiam,

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Infelizmente o mundo tem destas coisas. "Coisas" sim, pq este indivíduo não é humano, é um animal. Depois deste teu texto tão bem escrito e educado, não vem nada à minha cabeça que não seja baixo calão.100.000 para ouvir este palerma?

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Ever consider the damage you are inflicting on millions of people with this type of post? You may be into Scientology, which has no place in mainstream america. Shame on you! Inflicting a hopeless state of being, shameful! I am sure this has the potential to come back and haunt you.

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I feel sooo sorry for Sarah Six-Pack, who still has quite a bit of dough in the bank. If she really represented “Joe Six-Pack,” she should try living on minimum wages for a spell, with no savings and no retirement, and having to shoot moose because she has no money to buy groceries.I hope she tanks in the debate with Biden. If she were male, she’d be a putz.

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Slanted Viewpoint Blog Archive My love dislike relationship Posted by root 3 hours ago () Jul 9 2007 speaking of my fat fingers perhaps my biggest frustration with iphone is how often i select something leave a reply you must be logged in to post a comment slanted viewpoint is proudly powered by wordpress Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Slanted Viewpoint Blog Archive My love dislike relationship

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Naruto are intotdeauna o replica ce te face sa meditezi la diferite aspecte ale vietii… Eu am vazut toate episoadele si cred ca le voi relua, pentru ca mi-e imposibil sa ma satur de el. Ma bucur ca gasesc persoane care inca mai apreciaza ceva cu adevarat frumos. :)P.S: Si eu am plans foarte mult cand a murit Jiraiya sensei. 🙁 Sa vezi urmatoarele episoade cat de emotionante vor fi…

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ClassifiedsI took a look at your site and was able to confirm that you’ve successfully cleaned your site of malware. So any malware warnings associated with your site should be removed soon. If you ever face this issue in the future, be sure and submit a « Request a review » (for malware) via Webmaster Tools as soon as you’ve found and removed any instances of malware. This will help expedite the removal of any malware warnings.

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I wanted to inform you about how much I actually appreciate all you’ve contributed to help improve lives of men and women in this subject material. Through your current articles, I’ve gone through just a novice to a pro in the area. It truly is truly a homage to your efforts. Thanks

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Mint zalai lévén nagyon örülök ennek a böllér levesnek, az elmúlt néhány évben igyekszem a hagyományos zalai-göcseji ételeket elkészíteni és kicsit lokálpatriotizmusomat hangoztatni a saját blogomban is.Ezt a levest még nem készítettem, de feltétlen pótolni fogom a mulasztást.Köszi.

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seb 0  0naja, das lied ausm background ist für die Felgen gemacht, in wlechem lied sollte sonst alle 2 sätze der name des produkts erscheinen. Prinzipiell würde ich mir die Dinger kaufen, habe nur 2 Probleme: 1)Ich bekomme an meine Karre keine 24″ Felgen dran und 2) bekomm ich die nicht mal zugelassen, weil das eine unlulässige Beleuchtung ist. Auf deutsch: bringt nix.

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Mina pole ühtegi prantslast vist kunagi kohanudki… Täitsa imelik, kui praegu mõtlema hakata. Aga peas on ikka stereotüüpne fancy kutt, soni viltu peas, sigarett hoidjaga näpu vahel. Aga Prantsusmaa kuulub kuhugi sinna unelmate kanti. No et tundub, et seal peaks olema mannamäed ja siirupimetsad.

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admin / Chào bạn. rất vui được làm quen vá»›i bạn.mình thấy themes này nó đã tích hợp đầy đủ những thứ cần thiết cho má»™t trang rao vặt. NhÆ°ng theo mình bạn nên dùng thêm plugin bài viết liên quan ” IGIT Related Post With Thumb” để hiển thị những quảng cáo cùng chuyên mục.Chúc bạn Thành công!

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I love revisions because I’ve yet to see a revised ms that any author claims was WORSE than the original. Just curious – do your revision from your editor come with a “fix this, fix that” or “scrap the whole second half and rewrite”?Saw Human Target last week. Mark Valley is awesome!

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Hi Matt,Thanks for the update on Rob Bell. Do you wonder what would have happened had he dug in and remained at Mars Hill? I know this ventures into the world of “what ifs” but I cant help but think he would have survived the storm.Now, his career seems adrift. So much talent and ability for the cause of Christ – on daytime TV?Peace.

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Great questions Paul! You can add the pigments to either translucent or opaque clays quite effectively. In the colored clay the powders will give the clay a mica or metallic look to the clay.As far as cutters I use the little cutters from Amaco, called Polycutters. Sometimes they have them in the Makins Air Dry clay section rather than the polymer clay section in Michaels.

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Accountant supermarket manager I’d invite you to be part of my family if I weren’t in jail. You two are way hotter than Susan and Patricia when they were going at it. Keep up the good work and if you happen to come to California… please drop by. I’d love to get to know your pussies.

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It seems that he at least should have been told to look for another place to serve…rather than just be booted out the door. Why not give some time to the person to find another place to go?Of course, we dont know what all has happened in this situation, I realize that. Thus, all the speculation and questions that are floating around.David

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When I was on the force, an officer lost his job (and rightfully so) for having sex with his girlfriend’s 19 year old daughter. He was charged with statutory rape, despite her age, because he was in a position of authority…which has an impact on consent. Easy to tell any creepy person no, but could be hard for someone to tell their dad no…I think that is where they are going with this situation.Just a fool situation! Lace front wig, skinny jeans and a smedium shirt so a serious lack of judgement on the part of Bishop Magic Don Juan

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Hadde Venstre forsøkt seg på et samarbeid med FrP hadde du uansett ikke sett noe til den miljøpolitikken, så jeg skjønner ikke helt hva du klager over!Dessuten har vi ikke to politiske blokker i Norge, vi har tre. FrP er, etter min mening, langt mer nasjonalsosialistiske enn borgerlige, og har dermed ikke noe å gjøre i regjering med Venstre.

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oui … oui … ras le bol …d’ailleurs, je pense qu’au lieu de lexie … j’aurai bien fait mourrir meredith, la gnangnan !bref, tout ça m’a donné envie de re regarder lost !!! c’etait vraiment un copier/coller !sinon, le seul truc interessant , a mon sens, c’est le contraste entre ce qui se passe dans l’avion et à l’hopital !bon, je rale, mais je regarderai encore …

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L'"inflazione classica" a mio parere esiste solo nel rapporto tra domanda e offerta .L'inflazione a cui assistiamo in Italia oso definirla "da cartello" o "speculativa" e a parer mio è determinata non dai fattori cassici della domanda e dell'offerta .sono perfettamente d'accordo con l'utente #4 !!—-ultime dall'Ansa in ItaliaInflazione record, 2,4% Pil 2010 in salita, +1,3%Caro-prezzi al top dal 2008: benzina +11,8%, pane +1,2%. Dato Pil meglio di previsioni del governo 

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小朱:還有香港的電視台、雜誌都是以鄭欣宜的醜態來嘲笑,觀眾只是看她的醜陋一面,又是死得。當然,她的媽媽肥姐生前也是太為女兒做作,一些不適合她的表演,對她並沒好處。還有,鄭欣宜也是真的太肥,應該保持較正常體態。《 陳大文敢膽以人格擔保來推薦,也是確認有質素才敢出聲,鄭欣宜唱歌真是不錯,而且是非常好。》

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Oh sweet Abby girl.. I have only learned of you recently but you are on my mind often. May God keep you close during the next trial in your little life. You, sweet Abby, are a fighter and have many, many people praying for you. Hugs Ashley & Madeline sweet-giggles.com

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Sue, your journey, and your writing, never fail to inspire me, and i am sure that it inspires others. We find life, and magic, in the “space between the notes” and you are so good at defining that space.I am so glad you are sharing your journey with the world.xox

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Egypt Won over England Squash Girls’s World Team Championship Nimes…The girls’s world team championship which materialized in Nimes, France last week has been of the foremost revealing for prime players along with amateurs squash sport lovers, since the French who were holding the event failed to held back something in…

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Kaipa se ilmastokohkaaminen liittyy muutosnopeuteen; luonto ei pysy perässä, kun lämpötilat muuttuvat rapialla tahdilla. Ennen on ollut lämpöisempiäkin aikoja, eikä elämä siihen loppunut tällä pallolla. Mutta se muutostahti on mielestäni se kriittinen juttu koko sopassa. Tai sitten en ymmärrä asiasta mitään.

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it’s like the Jerry Springer show, you piss, moan, yell, pointing your finger at everyone – he’s picking on me, he won’t give a job, they’ve got more than me, basicly making a big scene and when you do mess up people are going to say more about it rather than over look it.most of the peps in this country (all racess) moral compasses are so messed up we’ll never get it straighted out- look at chris calling him a douchbag because he wouldn’t make somekind of special gayday, never mind he’s mostly a criminal? A CRIMINAL is that someone we (law abiding) want walking the streets?

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..hehe…fine greier det der….hÃ¥per de skjønte tegninga…iallefall snertent og lækkert hos dæ som alltid…her er det regn i dag…sunnmøre nÃ¥..men skal ut med kamera læll….gleder meg til skravleskravvel med dæ ved en gylden anledning..MarittoMarit….lovely…klem

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What are you indicating, man? I understand everyones got their own thoughts and opinions, but really? Listen, your website is awesome. I like the efforts you put into it, specifically with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

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Nous recommandons tous les ouvrages de Guy Kawasaki auprès des porteurs de projets en création ou reprise d’entreprise, c’est une mine d’or en conseils…Ce livre apporte un gain de temps considérable aux entrepreneurs, sorte de référentiel en bonnes pratiques et bon sens de l’entrepreneuriat « L’art de l’enchantement » complète bien les deux autres ouvrages, » l’art de se lancer « , et  » la réalité de l’entrepreneuriat « 

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The Mystery of Disgusting Gelatin Recipes Solved … By Tiff Turns out they had a blog post about one of my favorite subjects: revolting recipes! And, someone was nice enough to link to my mother of all revolting recipes: The Liver Sausage Pineapple. The best part about the post, besides the … nachounderpants.com –

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Jungs, das war doch nur eine Referenz an 4 o’ clock. ich hau doch niemanden ;)Der sagt doch schon seit ewigkeiten, dass das was er tut entweder radikal anders oder entgültig das letzte [seiner art] oder sonst irgendwas ist… womöglich wird sein nächstes album einfach atonaler gospel oder was weiß ich 😉

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One of the major reasons companies do not want to do business in California anymore is the litigation problem. There are thousands of lawyers in this state looking any reason to a lawsuit and force a settlement. Even if you win the case, the cost of fighing it is substantial. Why would a company want to put itself at risk of this kind of problem and the costs associated with it?

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Many thanks for writing so clearly about copyright issues on the internet. I make my own photos and now use Flickr to upload them because there is such a well presented choice of Creative Commons licence.There has been some debate on the moderntwist2. blogspot section of my blog, which you might find interesting.


Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I desired to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the very first location that told me the answer. Thanks.

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“This is why I fully support actors, whenever asked “what can you tell us about your character?” Answering, “Well, Bob, my character is basically this guy I pretended to be for short stretches in exchange for money.” That should be the only answer.”Except Daniel Day Lewis. That guy studies his characters to the most tiny detail. Like how Lincoln pissed: did sit or did he stand? did leave the seat up or did he kindly put it down? did he wash his hands? The guy is dedicated.

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I’ve been mulling this blog entry around in my head for most of the day. I think the big disease bureaucracies won’t admit that eating a plant-strong diet will prevent of cure the disease is because that would end their whole purpose of being. They are more interested in protecting the bureaucracy than they are in ending whatever disease their fighting.

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Sharazad / Magnifico articolo. Sono senza parole per il racconto dettagliato. Conosco personalmente Tamer e sapendo cosa rischiava per amore del mare e per il suo lavoro, ero veramente in ansia. Mitico, complimenti!

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a freelance writer to write a smaller…article or project before moving on to your larger project. that way you know for sure what kind of writer you are hiring and whether that writer can produce the kind of content you need.6. keep in touch maintain regular contact…

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Kudos, Jerry !!!Mike Francesa = “talk-radio bloviator” … Spot on, Mate !!! Mike is all about Mike and more than sometimes he’s as out in left field as Billy Packer was … the difference is that CBS got smart where NBC and YES have not !!!I annually take particular umbrage with Francesa when his talk show devotes only a modicum of time to March Madness … even when there are local teams playing !!! Right on, Mate !!!

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A te zapewne tak:)))Ale mówiąc poważnie, jest grupa artystów, normalnych, którzy pewnie nie zaliczają siebie do żadnych celebrytów, a którzy nie wstydzą się ujawniać swojej niepoprawności politycznej. Chociaż trzeba przyznać, że nie jest ich wielu. Zresztą trudno się dziwić, czasami ta jawność skutkuje utratą prpopozycji zawodowych. Proza życia.

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1 a veggie patch pizza omg delicious we went to a tiny bistro an hour from our house its amazing its a tortilla with spinach tomatoesartichokesand a parmesan sauce yum yum yum now i am hubgry for it again thanks lol2 the proposal its was ok for a movie rental i want to go see avatar soon i am taking my hubby for his birthday very soon i cant wait a date night ;-)3 oh no i am too chicken i hate pain my c section was enough pain for my life time ok maybe one more c section someday lmao 4 eeeewwww hate coffee5 my heart cardio is my thing what about you?????????bee620.blogspot.com

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Generous? She's striking a tone of false equivalency with herself as one of the parties. If Obama's bipartisan BS has been a joke, this is a sad, sad indication of how it's sunk into the minds of some people who should know better. You can't reason with hateful, violent people, especially by claiming you're as guilty as they are.

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Bere:La verdad creo que el peor lugar para enterarse de lo que pasa en un evento deportivo es en el estadio. Pero en casa, con todo y las repeticiones y tomas de cerca, no se siente la emocion que se siente en las gradas. Hasta se te olvida que se supone que lo importante es lo que ocurre en la cancha =)Jeje, Si te dijera que mi hermana ya me pidio que le consiga un baston de porrista porque alla no hay. =) Creo que quiere reviviri viejos ayeres.

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This comment is hidden to you.Hi Mike,Sorry for the confusion. It’s today, now actually as I write this. I edited the post to say “today” in the hopes of avoiding confusion and I think I may have done the opposite.Oops. Hopefully you’ll be reading this and laughing. -Frank  •    •  This comment is hidden to all users except to its author!

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I think most Somalis have now given up on Lewiston and moved to nearby Portland. Lewiston was the city that made the headlines, but Portland had a Somali community even before Lewiston did, and unlike Lewiston Portland has never tied welfare benefits to English language proficiency. Lewiston also was unable to make an accreditable public school ESL program appear out of nowhere whereas Portland already had entire schools designated for ESL students. There are still definitely a lot of hangers-on in Lewiston, however.

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Here’s another kind of “foot” washing, Anonymous. When you tell a story so beautiful it washes us in tears. I have family members with scary addictions. I’ve taken them in — but never loved their buttons or belt loops. This story opens all kinds of radical possibilities. Thank you very, very much!  |  

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TrueCrypt ist in der Tat ein eindrucksvolles Tool. Ich persönlich nutze schons sehr lange verschlüsselte Partitionen und auf meinem Laptop ist die komplette HHD verschlüsselt, so muss während des bootens schon ein PW eingegeben werden. Was ich bis jetzt weiß, ist das wirklich mit das sicherste, also thx für den Post. Ist wirklich nützlich für viele.

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Ótimo post! Fiquei feliz com a parte onde vc fala de hipocrisia, e cita o exemplo recente de uma marca que queria “dar presente” pra algumas blogueiras em troca de post. Tive uma abordagem que me deixou PASSADA na semana passada e imagino que tenha sido a mesma (me conta! hahaa).

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scrive:L’aspetto estetico è puramente soggettivo e come tale non può essere soggetto di discussione perché “ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma sua”. Sono le funzionalità che possono essere studiate e quelle sono oggettive a meno che non si cada nel “ma a me non serve quella funzione” perché altrimenti non si va da nessuna parte.

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I have taken note that of all varieties of insurance, medical health insurance is the most questionable because of the clash between the insurance company’s necessity to remain afloat and the user’s need to have insurance cover. Insurance companies’ commissions on wellness plans are extremely low, thus some organizations struggle to profit. Thanks for the suggestions you reveal through your blog.

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This outfit somehow works… very impressive!It sounds like you have such a cool job, what exactly do you do? I would be way too tempted to buy one of these watches if I was surrounded by it all day. Absolutely stunning!

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Hou la la, je sens que cette question de « l’équilibre inévitable » (je n’avais jamais de ma vie imaginé cet état) est une question de première importance. Ne faisons nous finalement que retarder l’inéluctable ? Et, en termes plus crus, ne menons-nous pas des combats d’arrière garde ?

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Daniella, bocsánat, hogy csak most válaszolok. A hét színcsoport: piros; vörös/lila;narancssárga; narancssárga/sárga; sárga/zöld; zöld; fehér/zöld. Van egy komplett táblázatom, nagyon színes,ha érdekel, küldj egy e-mailt, megpróbálhatom elküldeni.

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Se você realmente não tem nada, talvez pudesse colocar uma prótese de silicone maior do que os 300 ml para ficar com seios dos seus sonhos.Converse com o seu médico, talvez uns 400 ml já fossem suficientes, mas como é óbvio isso depende muito do gosto de cada pessoa e de eventuais restrições médicas, se for o caso.

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Excellent stuff Tim.No wonder you are the best at what you do: practical, to the point, get the job done and walk away; and spare no punches; just the facts to survive a life and death encounter!Thank you for sharing these real life examples. And, thanks for the practical, fact-filled commentary. The truth finally revealed, and tactfully done.Thank you.

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I so envy you your lengthy love affair with poetry. It’s been exciting for me to go on this journey of discovery since I have been part of HCB. Recently, I’ve been reading Wallace Stevens and Mary Oliver and I am in love. Thanks for being part of the circle of influence that catapulted me here, Marcus.

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Duke, What a dog. We forget that dog spelled backwards is God. Those of us who can see God in everything, everywhere, know when we look into the eyes of a dog,can see for sure what love is. Any person who can abuse a dog, has a special “hereafter” awaiting them.

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…You can't succeed when you turn commercial Health Insurance products into social toolsAs I have written before, the "healthcare reform" package is simply an attempt at social re-engineering.Done with haste, attempts at social re-engineering can lead to disaster.– SS

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that contractors had confirmed that lawn and borders have now been done. There is a final clearance of rubbish etc from car park tomorrow – there was confusion about whether this was builders stuff but clear instructions have been given for the whole area to be cleared and cleaned.Laurence O’ConnorChair, SRA

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Well thanks for comemt. You are one of the Blogger who are resposible enough to update their earlier article. Some analyst actually downgrade this sector 10days after IPO closed. This make a lot of investor question the analyst independence and compentancy.Personally, based on P/E of the whole sector, Perwaja is still not as good as Annjoo or Southern Steel.

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J’ai lu le site et le manifeste europeecologie; évidemment ca va dans le sens qui me convient… mais encore une fois l’adversaire n’est pas bien défini. A mon sens il n’est pas virtuel, et il est très puissant.Alors ignorer son existence, c’est perdre avant de commencer la partie.

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I became honored to get a call coming from a friend as soon as he uncovered the important points shared on your site. Studying your blog article is a real fantastic experience. Thank you for thinking about readers just like me, and I desire for you the best of achievements as a professional in this area.

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Fantastico! Credo che il procedimento sfrutti lo stesso principio del Theremin. Jimmy Page l'adorava. Sono andata a vedere altri video di questo gruppo. Sono senz'altro affascinanti però nella gabbia non ci starei. 🙂

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Thanks Roger -I'll look in more detail later. One more question – given the anomalous degree of impact from the 1926 storm, I have to wonder what your graphs would look like if that storm were treated as an outlier. My guess is they wouldn't be significantly affected – but I do wonder what the statistical practices should be for treating something that is so far off the scale of the rest of the data.

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Hi Ajay,Wonderfully written and detailed once again.BTW how practical is it to ride on a bullet from delhi to srinagar AND please do advise as to the best time for bike travel.I have a bullet lying around just rusting away and i have been wainting to do this route for ages. any advice would be appreciated

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What i don’t realize is if truth be told how you are no longer really much more smartly-appreciated than you may be right now. You’re very intelligent. You recognize thus significantly in terms of this matter, made me in my view consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated unless it’s something to do with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs great. All the time handle it up!

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d7שלום אייל.תודה על הכתבה, ובכלל על האתר המדהים.רציתי לשאול אם תוכל לחלוק איתנו את העלות של הקמת כזה מבנה…21

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You are so kind to share all your work with us – all of it is so stunning, and immediately I think I could never do it, but you even tell us how to do it (and make it look pretty easy, too!) – I can’t believe your generosity in sharing all your creativity with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Hello would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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Ennen(noin 15 v. sitten) kuuluin moneenkin kirjakerhoon, mutta en raski enään ostaa kirjoja uutena vaan koluan kirpputoreja. Tai oikeastaan ei tarvitse edes koluta, vaan kirjat melkein hyppivät syliin. 😉 Jostain kumman syystä löydän kirppareiltä joka kerta vähintään yhden kirjan. Olen välillä yrittänyt olla ostolakossa, mutta eihän sitä voi ohittaa hyvää ja halpaa kirjaa kun sellainen tulee vastaan, eihän! Nyt onkin kerääntynyt aika paljon odottelemaan lukemista. En ole lukenut enään niin ahkerasti kuin ennen.

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Graham mate…….. you, Davey and me as the founder members of the AAS have got to keep supporting Amanda, and this blog is where it all started………so yes Graham mate, I’m really glad your back and I hope like me you’ll always be here……. as long as our sexy Scot wants us that is ……………Tony MrT

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London or Paris, but not Frankfurt? I can see why Frace or Britain might want to host the body, in exchange for their individual membership, but neither can expect to lead it forever, so you can’t compensate both that way.Imagine the press coverage here in the UK if, in the face of massive deficits, the government brought in the IMF, literally.

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Twitter: Masa mula2 berjinak ngan blog dulu pernah cuba Exabytes, tapi jodoh tak panjang (ada pengalaman buruk ngan diorang).. lepas tu terus beralih ke hosting international macam iPage, HostGator & JustHost. Baru tahun lepas memberanikan diri utk cuba kembali dengan hosting tempatan (DataKL)… setakat ni masih memberikan servis terbaik. shraqs kongsi …

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The cover photo is beautiful…it just makes me want to reach out and touch! I have planted a few grasses and last fall (our autumn!) I planted pink muhly grass for the first time, and I loved the softness it added to garden. I hope it returns! Thank you for recommending that gorgeous book!

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(19 lis 16:56) Jak mu byÅ‚o za blisko to niech siÄ™ przeniesie do wyÅ›cigów ciężarówek. Hamilton pokazaÅ‚ mu, że można wyprzedzać w obrÄ™bie toru i nie rozwalajÄ…c komuÅ› samochodu – a co do bliskoÅ›ci, to niech sobie chÅ‚opak obejrzy jak blisko byÅ‚ Button Raikkonnena.

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Ja także, jeszcze tutaj, chciaÅ‚am podziÄ™kować wszystkim za wspaniaÅ‚e spotkanie, na którym czuÅ‚am siÄ™ jak w gronie starych, sprawdzonych przyjaciół :-). No i w życiu nie spodziewaÅ‚am siÄ™, że moje prace bÄ™dzie można oglÄ…dać na jakiejkolwiek wystawie… a co dopiero w Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej ;))))). Akademio, Moniko dziÄ™kujÄ™!

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szia!Nincs véletlenül rákos szendvics recept ebben a könyvben? Ezer éve keresem, a Tv-ben csak az elejét láttam, és érdekelne a recept vége. Úgy indult, hogy marinált rákokat valahogy kenyérszeletekkel kombinált…., és innen csak találgatok: tojásba forgatta, kisütötte??? Ugye benne van?


Teri Nye I’m not sure I’m using the same version of FB. I just joined (Sep 2012), but I can’t access the admin panel that you refer to and I can’t see “insights” “manage…” etc. There’s no hide/show button or text in the upper-right corner of my page. Can you send me a screen shot of what it should look like or how to update my version? Thanks!

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Only this morning I received an email from an activist who to this day, is haunted by these experiences, survived thirty years ago, and developmentally formative TO THIS DAY!!We are in a constant state of 'be- coming'The Force is with usof this I feel sure.Blessings upon your work Aangirfan-in all you do.The anti-Christ is that force of untrammeled power, money and sex.

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Get emergency medical help if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant usingdoctor. Copyright 1996-2011 Cerner Multum, Inc. Version: 17.02. Revision Date: 8/20/2011 9:15:34 AM. keywords cialis tadalafil (infliximab) reduces the effects of alcohol. Talk with your doctor. High doses or medication schedule without your doctor’s advice Do not take keywords cialis tadalafil-P with another person, especially someone with a full glass of water. keywords cialis tadalafil not

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that, permit me inform you what exactly did work. Your authoring is actually pretty persuasive and this is possibly why I am making an effort in order to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, even though I can easily see a leaps in reasoning you come up with, I am definitely not sure of how you seem to connect the details which produce the conclusion. For the moment I will subscribe to your issue but hope in the future you actually link the facts better.

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Get your interest rates significantly reduced and many times even eliminated Get late and overlimit fees waived in most cases as well. Enable you to send in one low monthly payment Get you out of debt in literally 1/5th the time it might ordinarily take! Get your credit back on track

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Thanks all for your comments. The ultimate goal is to support multiple ways to tag images with licenses.A couple of simple principles led us to proposing the markup described. First, it should be just as easy for users as it is for search engines to discover which license an image is available under. Second, the markup should be simple enough for webmasters to adopt. We'd love to hear your ideas for how we could improve upon the proposed markup, drop us a line in the webmaster help forums.

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What a beautiful post, your photos and words have actually made me feel a little overwhelmed – they are so beautiful! Dandelions are one of my favorite flowers, when you pick them and stare at them so closely that they are touching your cheek you can see what a wonderful structure they have. And i love the smell too (but not the yellow stain which gets left on your nose tip!). i have never seen them growing a field like this before, wonderful!Aqeela xx

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1/4 cup of stevia, and from the stevia site,,Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zero glycemic index, zero calories? and zero carbs. It is 25-30 times sweeter than sugar, and far more healthy

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Man, that Eventide box has my panties all damp (in a manly sort of way). Cool little interactive demo on their site. On the demo, it sounds FAT, full, and it tracks string bends like a pricey rack unit. Not that thin, synth-ey Digitech sound (and sure not a Boss HR2). Stiff, any pricing rumors? I want to crank this thing through a stack and see if my harmony dreams have been answered.

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How about this possibility – way beyond my pay grade – the Drug Cartels promoted this – the Drug Companies look like heroes and the Cartels reap the profits.During Alcohol Prohibition the Cartels of that era owned government. Why should this era be any different?

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Oh man, isn’t this such a wonderful place? I need to go buy some tea there- it’s the only place I can find my favorites. I hope your birthday was grand- I wanted to stop by Ella and wish you many happy returns, but I’ve been brought low by a malaise and headed home to rest instead.How much longer are you in town for?best regards,A.

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Great points! Automating those payments is a great way to take care of them and some lenders will even knock .25% off of the rate while though not a lot it still is something. Consolidating can be a good thing to do as well if you can get the rate lowered even more.

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A verdade é que debeu ser moi grata a experiencia, igual que todas as veces que fomos a DOMUS de A Coruña, eu iría miles de veces se fixese falta. E eu movín a pedra da Coruña e cando te das conta de que pode pesar tanto unha pedra que moves se queres cun dedo é fascinante.

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Aaw! thanks Mai! ~<3 It’s good to be back, and reading your posts too. ^_^*Hey, if you have the money and the time, why not? a sewing machine can be a handy thing, just as sewing is a handy skill to have. It really takes time (and loads of patience and commitment) to learn how to sew — heck, I’m still pretty much learning and fumbling as I go, haha! when you start thinking about learning how to sew, you have my full support on that.

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Thank you for your moral support it really does mean a lot for my morale. I think it’s getting better. I’ve come to an agreement with the crew leader. When I feel I can no longer ride my bike, I’ll ride in the car. So far that has been for less then a hundred miles. I do ride the toughest stuff and rest for the easier, too.